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Do You Want to Learn to be a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer?

If your answer is "yes," then Susan M Signer Services just may be the answer. While at this time Bankruptcy Petition Preparer certification or registration is not required, it is essential for you to fully understand how to prepare Chapter 7 individual filings, the location the debtor is to file the Bankruptcy Petition, Schedules A-J, declaration, statements, mailing matrix on paper, and mailing matrix. 




You may have already heard of other Bankruptcy Petition Preparer training programs. Some are good and some are not so good. A good Bankruptcy Petition Preparer training program not only trains you on the basics of using Bankruptcy software, but also provides you with a sufficient amount of information pertaining to Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Do's and Don't, business savvy to set up your business and generate leads.


What is included in our Bankruptcy Petition Preparer training program?


  1. An effective Questionnaire to use to obtain a sufficient amount of information to assist in completing the schedules. You'll be assisted on setting up a one-page website with questionnaire.

  2. An itemized document list of items a debtor may need to provide to the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

  3. Links and contact information for Bankruptcy Court information

  4. Training on at least one Bankruptcy software program to ensure efficiency in completing the Bankruptcy Petition, Schedules A-J, declaration, statements, paper matrix, and mailing matrix on diskette or compact disc properly

  5. Proper language for advertising and creating leads

  6. Setting up your business basics

  7. Setting up a fee schedule that is accepted by the Bankruptcy Court in your area and still make money

  8. Guidance on what you can and cannot do as a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

  9. Includes assistance in preparation of your first debtor's Bankruptcy filing forms using our software.


Please keep in mind that this course is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide advice. The training program allows you to start your Bankruptcy Petition Preparer business and provide you with experience in properly preparing the Bankruptcy Chapter 7 schedules through sample cases. Taking this training course is not a guarantee that you will generate business or be successful as a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer. As with most service businesses, you the owner of the business set the pace for success.




Give us a call to be set up in our next class. Our Beginner Bankruptcy Petition Preparer training course is $199.


After payment, you will be emailed an invitation to join the classroom, register, then call for your code. You'll be entering an online classroom starting Thursday and classroom closes on Saturday. You're provided material to read and study, valuable links, videos, tasks to work on and two (1) 10 question quizzes.  Quiz 1 pertains to Bankruptcy Petition Preparer and requires a 100% to pass. You get 3 tries. Quiz 2 requires 80% to pass and you get only 2 tries. There is a 30-question Final to receive your Certificate. You must pass the Final with a 90% or better to receive a certificate.



Important Reminder:

REMEMBER - I am not an attorney, and cannot offer or provide advice. A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer (BPP) is prohibited from representing a debtor in court. Training as a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is for educational purposes only to provide you with the necessary tools to properly fill out the Bankruptcy forms. After training, when you prepare Bankruptcy petitions and schedules for debtors you are completely responsible for your own actions. Taking our Bankruptcy Petition Preparer course does not create a client-employee or employee-client relationship nor does taking our Bankruptcy Petition Preparer course guarantee success in your Bankruptcy business.

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