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Document Preparation Services. You came to the right place for your nonlawyer document preparer service for bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning, probate, and other typing needs. We provide document services for firms as a contract employee.

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"Our mission is to address the growing need for affordable document preparer, document services preparation, and ethical Bankruptcy Petition Preparer and debt relief providers."

Our Store provides a convenient check out for Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services and debt relief; document preparer services for divorce or dissolution of marriage, probate, estate planning, and real estate document services; Notary Public services and destination wedding services; and, personal development and business development training courses. Legal document service.

What is a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer?

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is a nonlawyer who prepares United States Bankruptcy Court approved forms for individuals choosing to act pro se in their bankruptcy proceeding.


When the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer title is used it informs the consumer that the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is not supervised by an attorney.


To learn more about bankruptcy you may want to review the Bankruptcy Tabs. 

Important Information About Bankruptcy Assistance Service From An Attorney or Bankruptcy Petition Preparer
11 U.S. Code § 527(b)
If you decide to seek bankruptcy relief, you can represent yourself, you can hire an attorney to represent you, or you can get help in some localities from a bankruptcy petition preparer who is not an attorney. THE LAW REQUIRES AN ATTORNEY OR BANKRUPTCY PETITION PREPARER TO GIVE YOU A WRITTEN CONTRACT SPECIFYING WHAT THE ATTORNEY OR BANKRUPTCY PETITION PREPARER WILL DO FOR YOU AND HOW MUCH IT WILL COST. Ask to see the contract before you hire anyone.

For additional information, review Bankruptcy Petition Preparer  Disclosure and Notices in next section below.

What Disclosures Should A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Provide?

If you choose to use our debt relief document services, you understand that we are a "typist" who provides bankruptcy assistance and cannot provide any advice regarding debt relief or your bankruptcy. Pursuant to Bankruptcy Code, in addition to the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Contract, we are required to provide you with the following Notices:

  • Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Notice Form B-119 

  • Notice Required by 11 U.S.C. § 342(b) for Individuals Filing Bankruptcy Form B-2010

  • Debt Relief Agency Notice of Requirement to Provide All Information in Bankruptcy Petition 11 U.S.C. § 527(2)

  • Notice by Debt Relief Agency 11 U.S.C. § 527(b) 

A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is classified as a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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What Is a Document Preparer? Legal Document Preparer

A Document Preparer is a nonlawyer who prepares court approved forms for individuals choosing to represent themself in their court proceeding. or legal proceeding


When the Document Preparer title is used it informs the consumer that the Document Preparer is not supervised by an attorney.


If you are unable to afford an attorney, a Document Preparer is a viable option to type your forms for you to file with the court.


Our most common Document Preparer services are as follows:


  • Estates: Probate and Estate Planning

  • Family: Online Divorce (Personal Service), Adoptions by Step-Parent or Grandparent, Dissolution of Marriage, Modification of Custody or Child Support, Court-Approved forms

  • Real Estate: Evictions, E-Recording Services, Notary Signing Agent, and Real Estate document assistance to realtors or firms

Document Services for Firms


Independent Contractor document preparer services, and In-House document services. (Virtual Paralegal, Contract Paralegal)


Firms, did you know that you may receive virtual services and in-house document services? Yes, we can help you with document preparation as an independent contract document preparer. Check out how we can help you under the Contract  Preparer  tab. You will find that we provide a multitude of document services such as probate, estate planning and trusts, Bankruptcy, litigation, trial book organization, and real estate document services.

Why Choose Susan M Signer Services for your Destination Wedding?
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A document preparer, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, virtual independent contract document preparer or in-house document preparer is not a lawyer and cannot offer or provide legal advice. Susan M Signer Services is prohibited from representing you in court. In paying for our document services, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services, virtual independent contractor document preparation services, in-house document preparer services or notary public services, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Disclosure on our site. Document preparation time may vary depending on the package chosen. In general, a document preparer or independent contract document services assistant will have your documents ready within 1-3 business days from the day you provide us with your information. A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will usually have your Petition and Schedules within 24 hours contingent upon the complexity of your Bankruptcy case. If Notary Public services are required, the notary public fees are included in the document preparation charge. Traditionally, you will receive your typed package by email. Notary Public services are provided for clients who come to our office. Upon request, we will make other arrangements for delivery of your documents prepared by a document preparer, virtual independent contractor document preparer, in-house document preparation or Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, whichever is applicable. The fee for a notary public wedding officiant, who only officiates the wedding, is limited by statute and the wedding officiant is to charge no more than $30. Costs incurred for destination wedding officiant or travel services provided by a wedding officiant are separate from the statutory rate. Passport, Visa, or Greencard services are separate from travel services. Application and Processing Fees are paid directly to the government.

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