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Letter and Wine Box Ceremony

Susan M Signer's Notary Public commission expires in 2021 and she is authorized to perform weddings as a Notary Public in accordance with Florida Statutes (2018).  Susan M Signer is also an ordained minister who may perform weddings in other states under the capacity of an ordained minister.


On occasion, weddings may be performed in Spanish. Spanish ceremonies are limited as I'm not fluent in Spanish. I'll do my best to read Spanish.


Letter and Wine Box Ceremony


  • Each of you write a letter of how you met, what made the other person special, how you fell in love and why you want to spend the rest of your life together. Do NOT let your significant other see your letter. Your love letter remains sealed for 5 years.

  • Choose a wine that lasts 5 years or more that both of you enjoy drinking.

  • Create a wine box by hand or you may buy a box at Michael's of Hobby Lobby. It's important that both of you paint or decorate the box together. If you have children from previous relationships or prior to marriage, have each child draw or add their painted hand print.

  • We'll perform the wedding ceremony, you'll exchange your vows, then each of you will put your sealed envelope in the wine box, add the wine, then lock the box.

  • On your 5th anniversary, you'll open the wine box, pour each other a glass of wine, and read each other's letters.


If you only need Susan M Signer Services to officiate your wedding or to renew your vows, our fee is $30.  If you require additional services, you'll be quoted the additional fees.



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Handmade Wine Box

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Have fun creating the wine box. Be romantic, show your love for one another, and include the children, if applicable.


The wine box can be simple or bought from a craft store. If one of you have good carpentry skills, make the box and add metal stripping or carve a design.


Choose Your Wine

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When choosing the wine, don't be cheap. Remember, you'll be opening the wine in 5 years so it needs to be drinkable.

If you desire more than a quick or non-traditional wedding ceremony, you may want to review the wedding officiant page. You can combine packages to maximize your wedding experience. If you have any questions or would like additional options, please contact a wedding officiant and coordinator at 386.898.5015.  Hotels/Motels information ideas for your wedding celebration or wedding vow renewal are provided at the Hotels link. We are a travel agent so we have the ability to book your hotel, honeymoon, and destination wedding.


Other information regarding bridal items, wedding cakes or cupcakes, limos, caterers, florists, wedding photographers, etc. can be found on the wedding resources page. Susan M Signer Services is not affiliated with any of the companies and is only providing you information for your convenience.




Even though a Notary Public wedding ceremony provides you flexibility with availability, you may want to book your wedding officiant and coordinator well in advance.  Alleviate the stress of trying to find someone to do your ceremony by booking your wedding ceremony with Susan M Signer Services now.


If you book your wedding or vow renewal a month in advance, you will receive the rate of $30 for Palm Harbor and East Lake, Florida locations and $35 for Tampa, Oldsmar, and Sarasota locations.  Keep in mind the pricing is for the wedding ceremony only.


Call for special rates on the wedding packages that include additional services or travel agent services to ensure we can book your travel, hotel, destination wedding and/or honeymoon.

Our competitive rates are published for your convenience to avoid the necessity to shop around. We understand that you are the client and we will honor your ceremonial wishes as long as your requests are in compliance with Florida law. 

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