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Susan M Signer told me that she is a nonlawyer and may not give legal advice, cannot tell me what my rights or remedies are, cannot tell me how to testify in court, and cannot represent me in court. Susan M Signer informed me that she is not a paralegal as defined by the rule and cannot call herself a paralegal. Susan M Signer told me that she may only type the factual information provided by me in writing into the blanks on the form. Except for typing, Susan M Signer may not tell me what to put in the form and may not complete the form for me. However, if using a form approved by the Supreme Court of Florida, Susan M Signer may ask me factual questions to fill in the blanks on the form and may also tell me how to file the form.


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..........   I cannot read English but this notice was read to me by ______________________________ in _____________________________ (Language) which I understand.


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                                                                                                        Susan M Signer

(Form to be kept on file for 6 years)





Susan M Signer Services is not a law firm, nor is she acting in the capacity as your attorney. Susan M Signer Services provides document preparation services by typing information provided by you in a form. Please obtain a licensed attorney if your legal matter is complex.  We are not a substitute for legal counsel. One of the ways a consumer can find an attorney is through the Volusia County Bar Association if you need to retain a licensed attorney.


A legal document preparer is considered a "non-attorney" who must abide by the law in the state of Florida and be in compliance with both the Florida Bar Association and Volusia Bar Association. Susan M Signer cannot provide legal advice and can only provide document preparation services allowed by law.  Susan M Signer is not permitted to engage in the practice of law as stated above and is prohibited from providing any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to you about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.


As a non-attorney, this site is not intended to create  a relationship that may be misconstrued as an attorney-client relationship with Susan M Signer; and, by using Susan M Signer Services website,  no attorney-client relationship is created thereby. As a result, you represent yourself pro se in court unless you retain a licensed attorney.


Before work will begin, the disclaimer will be signed by you acknowledging that you fully understand that the scope of Susan M Signer's services are limited to document preparation only.



Susan M Signer Services scope of service is limited to a set of standards allowed by law in the state of Florida which is a review of your answers for completeness, spelling and grammar, as well as internal consistency of names, addresses and the like. Susan M Signer does not at any time review your answers for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation.


Susan M Signer Services will have you complete a questionnaire prior to preparing the documents in most cases. This will allow you to provide the necessary information to prepare the documents and verify that the information provided is correct. This is the time to point out errors. Remember, you assume all responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided and must check the accuracy of said information prepared in the documents.


If for some unforeseen reason we have typed the information you provided inaccurately, you will not be charged for the correction and we will expedite the correction at no expense. Keep in mind you are responsible for ensuring the forms are accurate and the correct forms before going to court.


Legal document preparation fees are provided under the Legal Doc Prep tab of the Susan M Signer Services website and grouped by a subcategory tab based on documents you need. Being that this is a business run by a Veteran, we do give Veterans, active military or their immediate families, a 10% discount with proof of military service by providing a screenshot of your military ID or DD214. If you are eligible, please email a screenshot of your military ID or DD214 and an individual discounted invoice  will be prepared for you.


Forms used by Susan M Signer are Supreme Court of Florida approved forms or in some circumstances, some specialty circut court forms. If you find that you need different or additional forms beyond what was purchased in your package, then I will provide the required form(s) at little or no additional cost.


Susan M Signer Services works as a virtual site and therefore, when purchasing our document preparation services you will receive your documet via email.  You may request that the documents are sent regular first class mail. Keep in mind that you will receive your completed package several days later than if you accept through email.  In some instances, we must meet in person to prepare the documents for you. If a one-on-one in person appointment is necessary, do not pay for the services until you meet with one of our document preparers. 


Notary public services are available for onsite document preparation. At this time, the notary public services are included in your document preparation price. The maximum a notary public may charge per click in Florida is currently $10 each click. Please review the "Weddings" tab for additional information on notary public services.




Advertisements are on our site. We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared with any of our affiliates. 


If you receive an email offer from us for promotional offers or newsletters and you wish not to receive any further correspondence from us, please contact us through email, telephone or US Regular mail.


REMEMBER - A legal document preparer, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal are not lawyers and cannot offer or provide legal advice. Susan M Signer Services is prohibited from representing you in court. In paying for our legal document preparer services, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services, virtual paralegal services, in-house paralegal services or notary public services, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Disclosure on our site. Legal document preparation time may vary depending on the package chosen. In general, a legal document preparer or virtual paralegal will have your documents ready within 1-3 business days from the day you provide us with your information. A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will usually have your Petition and Schedules within 24 hours contingent upon the complexity of your Bankruptcy case. If Notary Public services are required, the notary public fees are included in the document preparation charge. Traditionally, you will receive your typed package by email. Notary Public services are provided for clients who come to our office. Upon request, we will make other arrangements for delivery of your documents prepared by a legal document preparer, virtual paralegal, in-house paralegal or Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, whichever is applicable. The fee for a notary public wedding officiant, who only officiates the wedding, is limited by statute and the wedding officiant is to charge no more than $30. Costs incurred by a wedding officiant or services provided by a wedding officiant is separate from the statutory rate.

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