Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage Filing Fees

We at Susan M Signer Services attempt to provide you with our Legal Document Preparer services at a price that is reasonable for you. Susan M Signer Services understands that not only going through a divorce or dissolution of marriage is stressful, it may affect you financially. As a result, we make every attempt to charge a rate that you can afford for our legal document preparer services. Our notary public services fees are included in your divorce package price to keep the price reasonable.


Keep in mind that a legal document preparer cannot collect the filing fees. Our legal document preparer fee is separate from any of the filing fees that may be required for your case.


Susan M Signer Services is only informing you of the filing fees provided on the Clerk of the Circuit Court website to make every attempt to ensure you are fully informed of the costs involved in a divorce or dissolution of marriage filing. The filing fees below are in addition to our legal document preparer fee.




An uncontested dissolution of marriage, no children, and no property, the legal document preparer fee is $120. You would add the $120 to the cost of filing fees for dissolution of marriage. As a result, your total cost at time of filing would be $528. You would pay us $120 for legal document preparation and when you go to the court to file, you would pay the $408 filing fee. In some cases, you may be required to pay other fees.


Please note that our legal document preparer fee is the lowest in the area for a reason. As mentioned above, we fully understand the stress and financial impact a divorce may cause you. Therefore, it is our attempt to charge you a rate which includes both the legal document preparer services and notary public services fees that are as fair as possible.











































As of September 22, 2015, the filing fees for Dissolution of Marriage provided by the Clerk of the Circuit Court website for Volusia County are as follows:


Family Law - Circuit Court Filing Fees


  • Dissolution of Marriage is $408

  • Simplified Dissolution of Marriage is $411.50.


Other areas of interest may be: 

  • Petitions for Domestic Relations pursuant to Chapters 39, 61, 741, 742, 747, 752 and 753 (support, visitation, custody and paternity) is $300.00

  • Counter petition for any of the above is $295

  • Petitions for Domestic Relations (name change, adoption, delayed birth certificate) is $400

  • Summons Issuance per summons is $10. 


The above information is being provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide you with legal advice. If you need legal advice, you need to contact an attorney who is licensed and authorized to practice law in the state of Florida.

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We Can't Forget the Legal Disclaimer Below!

A legal document preparer, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal is not a lawyer and cannot offer or provide legal advice. Susan M Signer Services is prohibited from representing you in court. In paying for our legal document preparer services, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services, virtual paralegal services, in-house paralegal services or notary public services, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Disclosure on our site. Legal document preparation time may vary depending on the package chosen. In general, a legal document preparer or virtual paralegal will have your documents ready within 1-3 business days from the day you provide us with your information. A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will usually have your Petition and Schedules within 24 hours contingent upon the complexity of your Bankruptcy case. If Notary Public services are required, the notary public fees are included in the document preparation charge. Traditionally, you will receive your typed package by email. Notary Public services are provided for clients who come to our office. Upon request, we will make other arrangements for delivery of your documents prepared by a legal document preparer, virtual paralegal, in-house paralegal or Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, whichever is applicable. The fee for a notary public wedding officiant, who only officiates the wedding, is limited by statute and the wedding officiant is to charge no more than $30. Costs incurred by a wedding officiant or services provided by a wedding officiant are separate from the statutory rate.

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