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Estate Planning Documents and Probate Summary Administration


Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?


You meet with a firm for a consultation for your estate planning or probate matter then you realize you cannot afford the fees. Therefore, you decide to represent yourself Pro Se.


Next, you may stop by the courthouse to pay for the court-approved forms, only to realize that the court-approved forms are more complex than you expected. What do you do now?


You may have a Document Preparer type your forms for you. Usually, a Document Preparer will provide you with a Notice of Nonlawyer form for you to sign, along with a questionnaire to fill out.

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Susan M Signer Services Is Here to Help!


Susan M Signer Services offers Document Preparer services to fit your needs for nonlawyer document preparation as long as the forms are Florida Supreme Court approved forms or localized court approved forms. Estate Planning packages are forms which you instruct which language is to be added and/or removed to customize to your needs.


For example, the Durable Power of Attorney for FInance is a form in which you initial the powers you want the attorney-in-fact to exercise. You have full control to decide.


For instance, the Last Will & Testament has several sections in which some paragraphs are optional. You have full control to decide which powers you want your Personal Representative to have upon your demise.


Lastly, the Revocable Trust is a simple Trust which its basic purpose is to move your assets to the Trust and to identify who you want to be your Successor Trustee. More advance Trust packages are available to firms or sole practictioners only due to the complexity of tax valuations and in the best interest for you to receive appropriate advice.

What Services Do You Provide?


Susan M Signer Services offers Independent Contract Document Preparer, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, Notary Public, Notary Signing Agent, E-Filing, E-Recording, and Notary Wedding services. 


Our Notary Signing Agent service is a mobile notary services. To learn more please look under Real Estate tab. We also do evictions.


Independent Document Preparer Services


Our Independent Contract Document Preparer business is relatively a virtual business with a mobile business flair. Susan M Signer Services is allowed to prepare several court forms to fit your needs, whether it is for divorce, dissolution of marriage, modification of support, paternity, bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate transactions or step-parent adoption.


You choose and purchase which document package you want and an Independent Contract Document Preparer types up the forms as instructed by you. A Document Preparer is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice. It's that simple.


You May Be Wondering, How IS Price Determined?


Remember, Susan M Signer Services is here to help you. We charge a fee that is well below our competitor's pricing because we understand that you may not be able to afford an attorney, let alone pay for a large sum of money to fill out the court-approved forms.


Susan M Signer Services pricing is contingent upon the complexity of the forms, time expelled in meeting with you and time to prepare the forms. Other costs incurred are paper and printing costs.


Susan M Signer Services reserves the right to charge less on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, under some circumstances, an individual will be charged less than the posted rate due to current economic status or extenuating circumstances. There are circumstances in which a person may qualify for pro bono services if referred to us by Community Services of Mid-Florida.