Legal Document Preparer Services for Probate Summary Administration

Summary Administration for Estates under $75,000


Pricing for document preparer services for Summary Administration range from $200 to $225 and include notary public services fees as part of the probate package. The document preparer rate may be lower on a case-by-case basis based on estate value.


Adocum ent preparer may also prepare formal administrations if, and only if, you are the Personal Representative AND the sole beneficiary.


All other probate estate matters in which a Personal Representative is required, you must be represented by an attorney.


Probate estates requiring a document preparer to complete the Petition and Order for Homestead and/or  Exempt Property and DR-312 form(s), are usually $200 due to additionaL document preparer time. 

If Affidavit of Heirs (no Will) are needed, the fee is $225.00.


In your initial email, you will be provided with a Disclosure of Nonlawyer form to review and sign, and you will fill out an estate questionnaire in your handwriting. You have the option of the document preparer emailing you the forms in advance. The signed Disclosure of Nonlawyere form is required prior to a document preparer proceeding in preparing your Probate documents.


Thereafter, you will choose which documents you want the legal document preparer to prepare based on your circumstances. Notary public services are included in the probate package price.



Susan M Signer Services Virtual Paralegal Summary Administration

Firms desiring our virtual document services or in-house document services for probate or estate planning documents, notary public services, or any other document preparation services, please feel free to contact us for an hourly rate or flat charge rate depending on number of clients. Call Susan M Signer at 386.898.5015 or fill out contact form and we will get with you as soon as possible.


Keep in mind the benefits a virtual document preparer or in-house document preparer may provide such as being able to bill the client for the cost at market rate, no health insurance, no unemployment insurance or taxes may be required for hiring a freelancer virtual document preparer or in-house document preparer.


Firms, you may want to review the benefits of hiring us on our blog 

We Can't Forget the Legal Disclaimer Below!

A legal document preparer, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal is not a lawyer and cannot offer or provide legal advice. Susan M Signer Services is prohibited from representing you in court. In paying for our legal document preparer services, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services, virtual paralegal services, in-house paralegal services or notary public services, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Disclosure on our site. Legal document preparation time may vary depending on the package chosen. In general, a legal document preparer or virtual paralegal will have your documents ready within 1-3 business days from the day you provide us with your information. A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will usually have your Petition and Schedules within 24 hours contingent upon the complexity of your Bankruptcy case. If Notary Public services are required, the notary public fees are included in the document preparation charge. Traditionally, you will receive your typed package by email. Notary Public services are provided for clients who come to our office. Upon request, we will make other arrangements for delivery of your documents prepared by a legal document preparer, virtual paralegal, in-house paralegal or Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, whichever is applicable. The fee for a notary public wedding officiant, who only officiates the wedding, is limited by statute and the wedding officiant is to charge no more than $30. Costs incurred by a wedding officiant or services provided by a wedding officiant are separate from the statutory rate.

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