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Mead Garden Amphitheater

Wedding by Susan M Signer Services | Cake designer of choice Baricakes by Nere

River Forest Park

Wedding by Susan M Signer Services | Cake designer of choice Baricakes by Nere

Susan M Signer Services provided wedding and officiate services as a Notary Public and coordinator for the following two highlighted weddings. Both wedding sites offer a beautiful and natural outdoor ambience that is pleasurable and beautiful for your wedding day. A few tips are provided below regarding the good and the bad of each site in hopes to prepare you for your wedding day.








  • SETTING: The wedding is an outside garden setting with the appeal of nature. The ambience is charming and wonderful in the Spring. The amphitheater is hilly. The steps are stretched out and are easy to go up and down. A later wedding the trees may not provide enough shade. Therefore, keep in mind the heat factor.

  • SOUND: For this site, ensure there is a sound check prior to the wedding if you plan on having music at your wedding. The speakers may or may not work. If you are using a CD with your wedding music, make sure it is compatible with their system.  They provide you with a speaker phone for the officiant.

  • USE OF RUNNER: If you decide to use a runner for your wedding, you may want to test various materials. While the plastic seems to be the easiest to work with versus the linen runner, if there is a slight wind the runner pulls up and wrinkles. Also, the stairs are rugged and made of cement. You'll need two-sided tape to make it look neat; even then, it may wrinkle and not remain in place.

  • SET UP TIME:  If you want the arch and aisle decorated in organza, a runner, and wedding music, you may want to reserve the park an hour and half prior to the wedding ceremony and an hour and half after the ceremony.  This will allow flexibility of the bride to arrive later and alleviate any unnecessary stress.

  • PARK RANGER CLEAN-UP: You'll also want to ensure the park ranger has the site cleaned up prior to the wedding. There may be several leafs that need to be blown out of the rows and aisle. This takes at least a half hour to clear out. It wouldn't hurt to bring your own broom(s) and garbage bags to ensure it is clean for the wedding. By reserving the park an hour and half ahead, it allows sufficient time for the park to be cleaned and set up completed. Ensure there is no sprinkler scheduled to go off during the wedding ceremony.









  • SETTING: The wedding is an outside park setting. You reserve the park for a 24 hour period for your wedding. There is ample outlets for music set-up, a pavillion, and restrooms. A pond is in the backdrop if you want to take pictures. The ambience is relaxing. There is sufficient shade to avoid direct heat but in the summer, it still gets hot.

  • SOUND: For this site, there is ample outlets but you need to bring your own equipment or hire someone as a DJ.

  • USE OF RUNNER: There is only dirt and grass to adhere the runner to. You'd have to use stakes to hold down the runner if you use one.

  • SET UP TIME:  The park's 24-hour rental makes set up and clean up simple.

  • SITE CLEAN-UP: As any site needs, arriving early to ensure the park is clean is important.


If you only need Susan M Signer Services to officiate your wedding or to renew your vows, the fee starts at $30 as long as there are no additional services or fees expended. Areas over 30 miles round trip from Palm Harbor, Florida require additional fee for travel and time. Set up and coordination charges are based upon how many people are needed, supplies, time, and what is expected.

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If you desire more than a quick or non-traditional wedding ceremony, you may want to review the wedding officiant page. You can combine packages to maximize your wedding experience. If you have any questions or would like additional options, please contact a wedding officiant and coordinator at 386.898.5015.  Hotels/Motels information ideas for your wedding celebration or wedding vow renewal are provided at the Hotels link. Other information regarding bridal items, wedding cakes or cupcakes, limos, caterers, florists, wedding photographers, etc. can be found on the wedding resources page. Susan M Signer Services is not affiliated with any of the companies and is only providing you information for your convenience.


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