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Thank you for stopping in! I am now helping Georgia residents with divorce, modification of support, visitation modification, and Contempt of Court legal document preparation throughout the state of Georgia. You came to the right place for your Georgia nonlawyer legal document preparer service needs. I am here to help you with your legal document preparation, Georgia family law matters and bankruptcy filings if needed.


Our mission is to address the growing need for affordable legal document preparers and ethical Bankruptcy Petition Preparers.


At Your Service for Georgia Divorce and Child Support Modification


You have decided to file divorce and you are not sure how to fill out the forms. Guess what? I am here to help you. You fill out a questionnaire and I deal with those pesky legal forms. Keep in mind that I prepare the documents as instructed by you.  This package also  includes a proposed Parenting Plan, Separation Agreement, if needed, and Child Support Worksheet with schedules which are Georgia Supreme Court or Georgia Superior Court approved forms.


The advantage of pre-paying through your Client Login portal is for me to send you the draft for you to review and I make any modifications you may request prior to your final.




Child Support Modification or Visitation Modification


Has there been a reduction in your pay or an increase is your ex-spouse's pay? One of the ways you may request relief is through a child support modification. As part of your child support modification package, I prepare your Worksheet and all the schedules. You fill out a questionnaire and I prepare the legal forms based on your instructions.




Does there need to be a visitation modification? You want to see your child or children but your schedule has changed, you moved or heck, you just want to see your child or children more, then one of the ways you may request relief is through a visitation modification. The package includes a proposed visitation court-approved form too.


OPTION 2 FEE:  $140


Contempt of Court for Non-Payment or No Visitation Allowed


If you require Contempt of Court for non-payment of support or your ex-spouse is not allowing you your court granted visitation, you may request this option at no additional charge with your other package(s). It is my way of supporting and helping you receive what you may be rightfully entitled to.


FEE: No charge if purchasing Option 1 or Option 2 divorce package above.



Fees May Be Less in Some Counties or Based Upon Income




Paralegal Services

I am Susan M Signer. I am a freelancer in-house paralegal and virtual paralegal with over 12 1/2 years in the legal field. I am qualified and experienced in legal document preparation in probate, real estate, bankruptcy, divorce, and civil litigation. I offer you paralegal services at a price you can afford!

Legal Blogging | Writing

Do you need to add unique content to your website or need someone to write blogs for you? We may be what you're looking for to increase web traffic. Susan M Signer is a blogger, article writer on Ezine, and a ghost writer and blogger for attorneys.

Branding | Marketing

Today's market requires attorneys to set his or herself apart from their competitors. Susan M Signer Services provides  web design, SEO, and branding for attorneys to ensure he or she capitalizes on the social media and captures website visibility.

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Legal Document Preparer

For non-lawyers who choose to represent themselves, Susan M Signer Services provides an affordable option for your legal document preparation needs. We are not a substitution for an attorney and cannot give you legal advice. Services include Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services, divorce help, and real estate.

Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

Do you need help filling out your bankruptcy petition and schedules? Susan M Signer Services may be your option for a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer if you plan on filing bankruptcy on your own. Chapter 7 is $150 and Chapter 13 is $175 or less.

Susan M Signer Services understands filing for divorce may be stressful and a legal document preparer may alleviate the burden of filling out the divorce or dissolution of marriage forms. We work with you on pricing based on income!

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Exclusively For Attorneys

Exclusively For Nonlawyers

We're Here to Help You!

We Can't Forget the Legal Disclaimer Below!

A legal document preparer, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal is not a lawyer and cannot offer or provide legal advice. Susan M Signer Services is prohibited from representing you in court. In paying for our legal document preparer services, Bankruptcy Petition Preparer services, virtual paralegal services, in-house paralegal services or notary public services, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Disclosure on our site. Legal document preparation time may vary depending on the package chosen. In general, a legal document preparer or virtual paralegal will have your documents ready within 1-3 business days from the day you provide us with your information. A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will usually have your Petition and Schedules within 24 hours contingent upon the complexity of your Bankruptcy case. If Notary Public services are required, the notary public fees are included in the document preparation charge. Traditionally, you will receive your typed package by email. Notary Public services are provided for clients who come to our office. Upon request, we will make other arrangements for delivery of your documents prepared by a legal document preparer, virtual paralegal, in-house paralegal or Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, whichever is applicable. The fee for a notary public wedding officiant, who only officiates the wedding, is limited by statute and the wedding officiant is to charge no more than $30. Costs incurred by a wedding officiant or services provided by a wedding officiant are separate from the statutory rate.

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