In-House Paralegal Services for Attorneys

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Erratic Upswing In Workload?


Attorneys, is your practice at the brink of needing another paralegal due to an erratic upswing in workload; yet, you are hesitant to hire another paralegal? This is where hiring a virtual paralegal is imperative for temporary relief of the upswing. A virtual paralegal will alleviate the higher workload and at the same time, assist in maintaining a cohesive work environment with your full time employees.


Susan M Signer Services provides both virtual paralegal and in-house paralegal assistance to your legal department for paralegal projects that do not justify hiring additional legal staff.


Need A Fill-in Paralegal At Your Office?


Does your office need an in-house paralegal or virtual paralegal to organize files, review corporate minute books, assist in due diligence, do research, etc.?


Susan M Signer Services may provide relief during peak periods. Even if you currently do not have a paralegal in your office, a virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal may provide the services you require.  We provide assistance when you need us, whether you need telephone follow-up calls made to in-depth research. Susan M Signer Services is here to help!


Benefits of In-House Paralegal Services 

Five Reasons to Contract a Paralegal

Reasons to Contract an In-House Paralegal


From a business perspective, here are several important reasons to hire a virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal for either relief or as a contract paralegal for fill-in:


Savings. Let’s talk money and profitability for your law firm. We are all in business to make money. Virtual paralegals are less expensive because they are independent contract paralegals who pay their own taxes, insurance, training and education, licenses, and retirement. You are able to bill the expense to your clients for the cost of the virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal.


Complete Control. What attorney doesn’t like control? One of the advantages of hiring a virtual paralegal is the control of the number of hours and the amount paid. Another advantage for hiring  us for paralegal services is that you only utilize the virtual paralegal when you need a paralegal. Susan M Signer Services offers a great resource for litigators to have the additional support needed during extensive trial peak periods.


Efficiency. When it comes to legal work, cutting corners by working with a limited staff may in the long run become very costly to a law firm. A virtual paralegal may be called upon for relief to ensure your practice runs smoothly. We all know there is nothing worse than an attorney missing a hearing date or failing to timely prepare an answer to a complaint.


Teamwork. Retaining your current legal assistants and paralegal staff is usually in the best interest of your legal practice. There are times that cohesion is needed during highly stressful junctures. A virtual paralegal may provide the necessary relief to alleviate the stress and bring everyone back together as a team.


Communication. It is important to remember that the client is your customer and that he or she has needs. Client care is crucial in any business to ensure satisfaction and proper care is provided. As a result, keeping in contact either through telephone calls, correspondence or emails let your client know his or her matter is as important to you as it is to them. You may hire a virtual paralegal or in-house paralegal to make routine follow-up telephone calls or send correspondence to clients.

You've Kicked The Tires And Now You're Ready To Commit


Susan M Signer Services in-house paralegal services support for attorneys for legal document preparation are available to suit your needs. You may hire Susan M Signer Services for litigation paralegal services, estate planning, real estate transactions, corporate, bankruptcy, step-parent adoption, dissolution of marriage, paternity or notary public services. 


Both our in-house paralegal and virtual paralegal legal document preparer services are provided throughout Florida, primarily serving in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Saint Augustine, Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Deland, Deltona, and Orlando. Other areas of services provided are in South Florida in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Coral Gables, and in West Florida in Tampa and Clearwater.