Step-Parent Adoption or Grandparent Adoption

Susan M Signer Services provides virtual Step-Parent Adoption and Grandparent Adoption paralegal support and legal document preparer services for attorneys specializing in family law who provide step-parent adoption or grandparent adoption legal assistance.


Attorneys, you came to the right place if you are looking for a virtual paralegal service or document preparer business which offers step-parent adoption and grandparent adoption document preparation. 

Step-parent adoption or grandparent adoption document preparer services are offered at a reasonable cost to your law firm. 

  • Step-Parent Adoption document preparation is $175 flat fee


Due to the complexity of Grandparent adoption, increase in number of forms to be prepared and time utilized for document preparation, the fee is slightly higher.

  • Grandparent Adoption document preparation is $200 flat fee

After you make your selection of either a step-parent or grandparent adoption package, please email Susan M Signer Services the clients completed questionnaire so we may prepare your step-parent adoption or grandparent adoption documents. Once the document preparer receives your completed questionnaire and you have paid for the paralegal document preparer services, we'll begin typing the documents as instructed by you.


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