Establish Paternity, Custody, and Child Support

Paralegal Support for Establishing Paternity


Susan M Signer Services provides paternity legal document preparer services for attorneys and  will type the documents in this package regarding a paternity case. The forms are Florida Supreme Court approved forms and will be completed as instructed by attorney. Besides the notary public services fees being included in paternity package price, a paternity case package may contain:


  • Family Civil Cover Sheet

  • Petition to Determine Paternity and Related Relief

  • Financial Affidavit - short form if income was $50,000/year and under; or Financial Affidavit - long form if income was over $50,000/year.

  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act Affidavit

  • Supervised Safety Focused Parenting Plan, (Regular) Parenting Plan or Long Distance/ Relocation Parenting Plan

  • Summons for Service of Process on an Individual

  • Process Server Memorandum



What determines fatherhood? Video covers legal father versus biological father.


Attorneys or law firms, please feel free to contact Susan M Signer Services to type your documents at 386-898-5015 or fill out the contact form.


A Virtual Paralegal is hired or does contract paralegal work for attorneys only. A Virtual Paralegal is not an attorney and does not prepare documents for pro se filers. Susan M Signer Services provides paralegal support services to attorneys only. If Notary Public services are required, the notary public fees are included in the document preparation charge. Traditionally, attorneys will receive typed legal documents by email or uploaded to the cloud. Attorneys are either sent a Quick Invoice to pay for one-time virtual paralegal services or billed for services.

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